Here are some samples of backgrounds that can be used for pages on your site.  The first one is the one that's used on the home page for Anarres.

Because it's often difficult to picture how this little chunk will appear as a background, you may click on the graphic to bring up a sample page with that as its background.  Each page also has some text in different colors and a few buttons to help you to see how things will show up against it.  To get back to this page from there, click on the line at the bottom that says "Back to the Background Samples Page."

Sandstone  Question Marks  
 Blue Granite    Rain Drops
 Bow Tie    Snowflakes  
 Fractal Gray    Tan Sand  
 Granite    Tin  
 Green Scales  Waves  
 Legal Pad    Grey Weave  
 Legal Scales    Purple Weave  
 Overlap    White Gray