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What Do You Want?  What Do You Need?

Web designers need to be concerned about issues like color schemes, font consistency, graphic content, ease of navigation through the site and so on, but their first question ought to be about the purposes of the site.  

Is this a site to provide a "web presence" for a company?  Will the site primarily provide information to interested visitors?  Will it collect information from them?  Is there some hope to generate clients from a site?  To sell directly from the site?  

Of course, these are not mutually-exclusive options - many sites perform several of these functions.  Indeed, these purposes can strengthen each other - a site basically aiming at acquiring clients may do so more effectively if it provides a lot of information (if it's relevant and accessible). 

Anarres will determine what you need and want from a website and design it to accomplish those things.  All the programming tricks and glitzy design in the world do no good if the content and purpose are obscured.   


Redesign - Taking Your Website to a Higher Level

Perhaps you have already taken a stab at website design on your own. 
Perhaps you've taken advantage of one of the simple web page templates offered by web hosting services.  Chances are, however, that you don't have the time or interest to learn more about web design.  If you did, you probably wouldn't be here.

Anarres can take what you already have done, determine which design and content improvements should be made, and produce a web site of which you can be proud.  


Related Services

Once the website is designed, Anarres can help you to maintain it.  If you want to take a hands-on approach and update the content yourself, we can give you some basic pointers, such as how to upload via FTP.  We can also design some page templates which you can fill in with what you want.

Alternately, Anarres can maintain your site on an ongoing basis, keeping links and content current and making the changes you request.


See For Yourself

Design philosophy and promises only go so far - judge Anarres by its results.  Click on the button below to check out samples of the work done.

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Revised: October 28, 1999