Fonts - Informal

These fonts are informal, casual, have "character" or attitude.  As such, they probably will not show up well on buttons.  They may, however, be more interesting as headings for pages.  If used in that way, they should be saved as graphics, since not all users' computers will have the fonts loaded (and they may have set their own fonts to override in their browser preferences).  All the samples are 12 point and can be scaled larger or smaller.  Most can also be done in bold and/or italic as well.

To load these pages more quickly, only twenty fonts appear on each page.  To see more, click on "Next" on the bottom of the page.

Font Name

Font Sample

 AdLib BT  
 Arial Black  
 Balloon XBd BT  
 Barbedor T  
 Barbedor Heavy  
 Bauer Futural B  
 Bernhard Fashion BT  
 Bodoni Ant T Con  
 Bradley Hand ITC  
 Brody D  
 Brush 455 BT  
 CAC Camelot  
 CAC Futura Casual  
 CAC Krazy Legs  
 CAC Leslie  
 CAC Logo Alternate  
 CAC Moose  
 CAC Saxon Bold  
 CAC Valiant  
 Calligraph 421 BT