Fonts - Regular

These fonts are "clean" and are likely to show up well on buttons without blurring and at small sizes.  All the samples are 12 point and can be scaled larger or smaller.  Most can also be done in bold and/or italic as well.

To load these pages more quickly, only twenty fonts appear on each page.  To see more, click on "Next" on the bottom of the page.

Font Name

Font Sample

Abadi Condensed Light
Arial Narrow
Bauer Bodoni D
Bauer Bodni BT
Berkeley Old Style ITC
Bible Scr T
Book Antiqua
Bookman Old Style
CAC One Seventy
Calisto MT
Caslon No 224 ITC T
 Century Gothic
 Eras Demi ITC
 Eras Light ITC
 Franklin Gothic Book
 Friz Quadrata ITC T
 Futura Md BT
 Futura T Light
 Garamond ITC T