Custom Web Hosting


What You Need (and Don't)

There are plenty of places where you can get low-cost web hosting services, but you should look at the details.  Many offer much more server space than you're likely to need, while skimping on popmail accounts. 

Unless you have a very large number of pages (over 50 at least) or a large database in your site, you can probably get along fine with under 5MB of space.  Why pay for more than you'll need or ever use?  Anarres offers you the flexibility to start with a small amount of space and expand later if you need to.

Where many hosting plans are insufficient is in the number of e-mail accounts offered.  If you have more than one or two people who will be getting e-mail from visitors to the site, you will need more e-mail accounts than the one or two that are often part of the basic plans. 


Custom Hosting Packages

Anarres can tailor the web hosting service to fit your specific needs and offer a  reasonable price.  We are resellers for the web hosting service at 9netave (which is where this site is hosted).  Check out their site for what they offer as a retail service and come back here for a customized (i.e. lower-priced) package.


Related Services

If you need help setting up your system for e-mail, or in getting an Internet Service Provider, we can do that.  If you need help in uploading files via FTP, we can do that.

And, of course, we do site design (or redesign) and can help to maintain your site by uploading future changes.  To find out about site design, click on the button below:

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