Project Cool Sightings

(basically in chronological order)


Kodak:  Taken on the Road (Nov. 17, 1999) - nice homepage, lots of pictures from cross-country trip (one picture taken at every mile marker).

Official Janis Joplin Fan Page (Nov. 21, 1999) -  interesting way of breaking up graphics.

Icon - the Magazine - (Nov. 24, 1999) nice concept design (diner with contents on jukebox tabs)

Medium Rare (Nov. 25, 1999) - uses drop-down menus for interactivity.

Reader's Digest Thanksgiving (Nov. 26, 1999) - good use of box to display mouseover contents

The Grammar Lady (Nov. 28, 1999) - mostly fun, check out "Typos of the Weak"

Edward Hopper Scrapbook (Nov. 29, 1999) - Uses scrapbook (and indices) for navigation.

DubLab (Dec. 1, 1999)  - Internet radio station with nice design and informative content.

CatEye (Dec. 2, 1999) -  Cool navigation system

Mythography (Dec. 5, 1999) - Stuff on Myths

Rhizome:  StarryNight (Dec. 6, 1999) - Strange interface (connect the stars into constellations)  for searching the Rhizome contentbase

NetBaby (Dec. 12, 1999)  - cute design, with nice preferences line at bottom (to change background color, etc.)  Also has games, etc.

Zen (Dec. 14, 1999) - Effective use of graphics to introduce viewer to Zen.

Circa50 (Dec. 30, 1999) - really distinctive visual style matches focus on mid-century design

Citing the Sightings (Jan 2, 2000)- a short, categorized list of the best sightings of 1999 according to Project Cool itself.

Control Freak (January 10, 2000) - navigate to pages by coordinates, but a really twitchy opening page

Mystery Kitchen (January 12, 2000) - distinctive buttons (with no obvious connection between the graphic and the link)

Official James Dean Web Site (January 21, 2000) - as Project Cool said, an effective use of large background images (photos of Dean)