Sample Sites Designed on Anarres


The four sites featured here show different levels of design and complexity.  To view a site, simply click on the banner icon below.  For the first two sites, this will take you to a "before and after" page.  In the left window on that page, you'll see the site as it appeared "before" the redesign.  In the right window, you'll see the site as it currently appears.  By clicking on the appropriate button in the header, you'll be able to "maximize" either window for easier viewing.  The last two sites have recently been designed from scratch here.


Go to the American Politics sample web site

This American Politics course site is a very basic site:


Go to the AYSO sample web site

The AYSO Region 751 site was a major redesign:


This is another simple and pretty small site:

The Yo Anarchy! site is a personal web page and is thus idiosyncratic and political in nature.  It also incorporates some design features not seen on the other sites.

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Revised: June 23, 2000