Web Design Tools


This page provides links to some sample images, buttons, and backgrounds on this site, as well as links to external sources for all kinds of web design elements.

Sample Graphics at Anarres


Design tools elsewhere



Graphics and Color

  • MediaBuilder - Large library of graphics, including backgrounds, lines, buttons, etc., as well as online tools such as an animated banner maker, 3D text maker, button maker, etc.

  • Project Cool's Color Page - this has a table of color names, values (e.g. 0000ff), and samples.  If you click on the sample, it changes the background of the page to that color, so that you can see whether other colors are readable against it.

  • PamBytes - Nicely designed site with backgrounds, banners, borders, clipart, etc.

  • Realm Graphics - Very nice "seamless" backgrounds, categorized (e.g. paper, psychedelic, textures) with the opportunity to download a whole category as a zip file

  • Full Moon Graphics - Some offbeat stuff - groovy, you know.

  • Webdiner - Nice design concept for the site itself - includes some clipart and web page templates.

  • Harry the Cat's Graphics - Animated GIFs for use on non-commercial sites.






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